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The system

Bodo-Taijutsu (also known as "Ninjutsu") is a Japanese martial art with ancient roots, which combines many years of knowledge in fighting and in the human body and soul. This combination of body and mind builds an effective and healthy martial art that helps it deal with the difficulties and challenges of the modern world.

Budo-Tajitsu uses calmness, natural movement, timing and control of ranges to overcome speed and adversary power. The precise and natural movement in each action causes the force to be due to the mere movement and the act of slipping results from a simple position adjustment action. In Budo-Taijutsu, we use weapons, blows and punches, strangles and ground drops. The method also has jumps and rolls. This method is one of the rare martial arts available in the world today that does not include sports competitiveness or artificial rules. Our training emphasizes the Shinken Gatta - combat survival techniques.

The essence of ninjutsu:

The ninjutsu embodies within it the fullest concept of self-defence, not only in the physical but also in the mental and spiritual sense. The Ninja Way is the way of existence, endurance, survival and cunning. Ninjutsu is the way to get what we need while making the world a better place.
Ninja skill is the art of victory.

(According to Toshitsugo Takamatsu, 33th Soke of the Tugakure Dynasty).

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