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דני ווקסמן, ג'ודו, נינג'וצו, זן

Dai-Shihan Danny Waxman

Our teacher is Dai-Shihan (Budo-Taijutsu) Danny Waxman. Danny, born in 1936, Kibbutz Beit Alfa, was a student of Moshe Feldenkrais, the founder of the Feldenkrais Method, and in the army he served as David Ben-Gurion's security guard. Upon his release from the IDF, in 1958, and with the recommendation of Moshe Feldenkrais, he travelled to Japan and began studying judo in the Tokyo Kodokan, along with Zen studies under Professor Masunga Raiho. One of the greatest Soto-Zen teachers in the 20th century. In the early 1960s, after gaining great achievements and progress in Judo, his Kodokan's best friend Donn Draeger introduced him with Hatsumi Sensei (and then Danny introduced between Hatsumi and Doron Navon, who studied Judo alongside in the Kodokan) and became - together with Doron - the first of Hatsumi's western students (after Quinton Chambers).
Danny holds the 7th Judo Dan Rank from the Judo Central School in Japan - the Kodokan (thus being the third Westerner, and one of the only two live Westerners ever to receive this rank from Japan), he's a  Zen teacher and holds the 15th Dan Dai-Shihan Bujinkan title.
Danny's fighting work is very powerful, unambiguous and accurate and has a very strong connection between body and mind. In Danny's work, the let-go element, maximum accuracy and uncompromising clarity of technique and combat are all emphasized, along with minimalism, modesty, and practicality.

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