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The dojo

Martial arts that do not include mind and consciousness practice are incomplete because practising the techniques prepares the body for battle, but mind and consciousness practice prepares you for dealing with the chaos of battle. Because peace is not the absence of chaos, but the existence of inner tranquility even in the middle of chaos.

The dojo

(Place of training) belongs to the World Bujinkan School, centered in the city of Noda, Japan, headed by Soke (head of the system) Dr Hatsumi Masaki. We study and practice in Budo-Taijutsu ("Ninjutsu") under the Hatsumi Sansai (Japan) and Dai-Shihan Danny Waxman (Israel).


The curriculum

We have set ourselves the goal of applying the principles and approach to life and martial arts of the ninjutsu and traditional judo, as taught by our teachers - Hatsumi Sensei and Dai-Shihan Danny Waxman.
The dojo training consists of martial-physical and mental-spiritual aspects. The course combines the traditional and ancient way of fighting with Zen philosophy and aims to train the student as a fighter and a person with high sensitivity to himself and his environment and with high inner strength, deep peace of mind, humanism, with

learning desire and with original, independent and creative thinking ability.

We gladly welcome anyone over the age of 16 who is interested and willing to go this way - through self-discovery and constant study, control over ego, love of man and the environment, strengthening the mind and body and learning through peaceful and quiet fighting.


The teacher

Dai-Shihan Shai Regev is a student of Dai-Shihan Danny Waxman. Began his martial arts journey in 1989, with Modern Jujutsu/MMA and Judo, alongside Tai Chi Studies. In 1999, he became a student of Budo-Taijutsu and Judo under Dai-Shihan Danny Waxman. At the same time, Shai is working to deepen his studies in Budo-Taijutsu and Judo - through studies and workshops in Israel and around the world and of course by a close relationship with Japan's Central School and the senior teachers who teach him.
In addition, Shai is a geographer (M.A) Urban-Planner by profession and engages in a variety of extreme sports.





The hour system

20: 30-18: 30
(Giv'at Ada)
20: 30-22: 30
(Giv'at Ada)
18: 00-20: 00
(Petah Tikva)
* Possibility of additional training, by coordination.



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