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Oren Smadja, Judo Olympic Champion - Barcelona 1992, Deputy World Champion Judo - Tokyo 1995 | Beer Sheva:

warmly recommended.
For those who are bored with judo and want to add some exotic spice, Shai is one of the people who can do it.


Eyal Friedman, Musician | Givat Ada:

A great gift for body and mind.

Inbal Topper, Psychologist and Music Therapist | Hod Hasharon:

Highly recommend.

Esty Horn, writer | Givat Ada:

Martial arts at their best!
Shai teaches with sensitivity and wisdom, with personal attention and encouragement for each student, and with great knowledge and flexibility in adapting learning to the situation. warmly recommended!


Ilan Horn, Nature Photographer | Givat Ada:

A fascinating class.
Very diverse training. Shai is a teacher of grace - patient, explaining, demonstrating, and original.


Shmulik Wagner | Yokne'am:
There's not a week I don't think about the amazing trainig with you ...


Anat Yaniv Margolin, a yoga teacher and mother of a child studying in Dojo | Aviel:

Ninjutsu with Shai, an amazing teacher.


A. (11 years old) | Aviel:

In the Ninjutsu and Judo at Shai, I manage to do what I want without trying and without exercising power.


D.S (50) | Jezreel Valley:

This is the first time in my life I've ever seen someone guide and work so calm and peaceful in combat.


Tal. M. The mother of a girl studying in Dojo | Givat Ada:
The girl is happy with Shai! She has found her place!


Zvika. B. Father of child studying in Dojo | Amikam:

Shai an amazing teacher! A miracle happened to us that we met! We were looking for martial arts for the kid and we got so much more! And the boy is in love with it :)


Yoni Grmider (25), musician | Binyamina:.

Know that talking and explaining the slow work and awareness inspired me to play, and I made some crazy progress this morning. Thanks!!


David Tamir, 35, teaches survival in nature | Givat Ada:

Wonderful teacher!

Itai Shinani, fitness coach and judo champion | Rehovot:

An amazing trainer and more of an angel person. Everyone who goes to it earns !!!


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